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"Why spend £100 on a new pair of trainers when you can have a cracking, insightful, and incredibly helpful readers report…?"
Ian Fenton
Happy Ever After
"… the coverage is fantastically helpful –
I absolutely agree with the comments … so obvious that I never saw it the whole time I was writing it … the practical bits where I lost the plot are gold-dust."
John McCready
Double Dealing
"Great ideas here … looking forward to the next revision … Your coverage is the best I’ve ever come across."
Erin Joslyn
Eloise in Paris
Script Reader
The industry term ‘script reader’ implies that we simply proofread screenplays. Our actual task is closer to that of story analyst or consultant. In reading your story we ask key questions. What’s it about? Who’s it about? What do they need? Who or what is stopping them and why should we care? Are our expectations let down? Does our attention flag or our suspension of disbelief sag? Is your story relevant to a contemporary audience?
We read your entire screenplay or treatment in one sitting. During a second read we make extensive notes then set out our feedback in a report that will help you to develop your first or next draft.
Rather than prescribe how to write, we aim to illuminate how well your storytelling engages. We may compare it with films that adopt similar themes, characters and dramatic devices as a basis for mutual understanding.
We won’t dwell on format issues, though it would be wise to address this aspect of your screenplay before presenting it to the industry. For now, let’s get the story nailed!