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"A smart reader with insight, who doesn’t miss much. And always articulate in making your points … people like you are few and far between in this business … it’s very rare to find someone who knows how to read as well as you do. Your suggestions were invaluable on the rework and much appreciated."
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Derrick Ogrodny
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Script Reader
Launching into a screenplay without preparation severely hinders the writing process. The creative Twister you play in order to keep unnecessary scenes will trap your story within a rigid framework.
To begin, try to tussle with your idea in rough prose form. During the old Hollywood studio system screenplays were distilled from around 300 pages of treatment.
Sound laborious? This process is referred to as the Diagnostic Treatment for good reason; great scripts need looking after.
Throw down all possibilities in a loose freeform. Ask questions in writing. Explore the choices without inhibition; it’s for your eyes only. Listen to your characters as they solidify. Consider the themes that emerge. Do research. When you get stuck, do some more. Writers often use file cards to help ‘storyboard’ the structure as, over time, the freeform is whittled into precision.
Eventually, the time will come to showcase your creative writing. Distil your Diagnostic Treatment into a short story, from beginning to end, without dialogue. It must be visual, emotionally driven and concise - a work of art in itself. Read short stories and novellas for inspiration. This process is referred to as the Selling Treatment for good reason - to make the reader buy into your story.
Unless you’re a sure bet with studio execs, it is unlikely that you’ll sell your Selling Treatment but, essentially, you have achieved an overview of your story that remains flexible enough to alter without major surgery.
Now send your scintillating short story to Scriptreader for analysis.