Script Reader UK
"Thank you so much for a really helpful crit, and being so generous with your time. I learnt a lot in speaking to you, not just about my script, but about writing …"
Paul Molloy
Damaged in Transit
"Why spend £100 on a new pair of trainers when you can have a cracking, insightful, and incredibly helpful readers report…?"
Ian Fenton
Happy Ever After
"… the coverage is fantastically helpful –
I absolutely agree with the comments … so obvious that I never saw it the whole time I was writing it … the practical bits where I lost the plot are gold-dust."
John McCready
Double Dealing
Script Reader
Polishes and re-writes are often required at all industry levels. Scriptreader is occasionally called upon to write script revisions, and to conceive original story ideas and treatments. Whether your script needs development in specific areas or a page-one rewrite, we deliver quick results that stay true to the voice and spirit of your story.
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