Script Reader UK
"A smart reader with insight, who doesn’t miss much. And always articulate in making your points … people like you are few and far between in this business … it’s very rare to find someone who knows how to read as well as you do. Your suggestions were invaluable on the rework and much appreciated."
Tom McCown
"I was amazed at the depth of the analysis … I have ample guidance now to push on with the 2nd draft."
Derrick Ogrodny
Creative Director
MTV Networks Poland
The Veil
"As an independent producer I have found Scriptreader's services
invaluable. They turn the work round fast and the script notes are
always bang on. I wouldn't make a movie without running it through
the Scriptreader mill first."
Tim Hart
Script Reader
You’re struggling to grasp the meaning or gain an overview of your screenplay. You’ve written a riveting treatment but feel the story’s not complex enough. Whatever the issue, you require an objective eye. Your mother thinks all your ideas are great. Your friend likes the scene in which the avalanche hits the ski resort but can’t explain why the story as a whole fails to satisfy.
Just as we are not your friend or mother it’s probable that they are not seasoned script readers, and receiving story notes is standard in the development process. As 95% of screenplay submissions don't make it past a first read, it would be foolhardy not to glean concise appraisal from a conscientious professional who can illuminate your story, rather than eliminate it. Your screenplay will only progress if it is in robust shape before you present it for competition or to agents and producers.
Consider this from the UK Film Council ’s New Initiatives Development Fund proposal; “… the lack of support for script development is the single biggest problem affecting the ability of the UK industry to deliver a consistent flow of high quality films. All sectors of the industry agree that this results in finished films which are too often sub-standard and subsequently wholly or partially rejected by the distribution sector.”

This industry-wide neglect of the story stems from inadequate analysis that errs on the side of caution. Those given the task of reading are insufficiently trained to identify potential. Hence the dearth of successful screenplays.

Again, the UK Film Council; “The majority of individuals involved in developing screenplays lack both the experience and the skills to work to the best of their ability …”
Unlike many readers (often over-stretched media graduates filling in whilst making a bee-line for the director’s chair) we do not get bored of reading. Scriptreader approaches every story with high expectations. We read beyond page 10, with or without a hook, protagonist or inciting incident* and immerse ourselves in the world of your story. Take a look at our credentials for a summary of our script reader training and experience.
*If required, a full glossary of screenwriting terminology will be included in your report.