Script Reader UK
"A smart reader with insight, who doesn’t miss much. And always articulate in making your points … people like you are few and far between in this business … it’s very rare to find someone who knows how to read as well as you do. Your suggestions were invaluable on the rework and much appreciated."
Tom McCown
"I was amazed at the depth of the analysis … I have ample guidance now to push on with the 2nd draft."
Derrick Ogrodny
Creative Director
MTV Networks Poland
The Veil
"Using proved to be a valuable step in assessing the feasibility of scripts for funding, several of which went on to production"
Phil Jones
Director of Programming and Production
Wizja TV
Script Reader
The following terms and conditions are agreed by and between you and with reference to the submission of your screenplay or treatment, hereafter referred to as “the Work”, for analysis. You uphold that you are submitting the Work voluntarily and in acknowledgement of the following terms and conditions.

1. You will grant the right to read and analyse the Work. In the event that a reader report slot can made available in order to analyse the Work and that you choose to pay for the service, the entire Work will be read and, depending upon which reader report option you choose, written upon with notes, then either returned to you in the stamped addressed envelope you provide or destroyed after one month. The reader report will either be returned with the Work or mailed either electronically or through the post.

2. You must retain, and will assume that you have retained, at least one copy of the Work, and that you release of and from all liability for loss of, or damage to, the copy of the Work submitted to You understand that will destroy the copy of the Work submitted after one month if its return is not required or if postage is not paid for its return.

3. You understand that the process of creating the reader report is subjective and will allow for differing opinion as to the Work’s strengths and weaknesses. You also understand that, in light of’s analytical experience and training, the reader report strives to constructively assist the writer, and in understanding such you agree that the fees are non-refundable.

4. does not supply your personal information to others and only uses the information you provide to process the transaction. will not make copies of the Work or discuss the contents of the Work with others.

5. reserves the right to keep copies of reports and correspondence of the transaction, and, on occasion, to post portions of reports or positive feedback on this website. In the event that report samples are posted on the site, they will not contain your personal information or the title of the Work. Reports will never be reprinted in their entirety.

6. You understand that does not purchase literary properties and that no further or exclusive relationship is established on submitting the material and that is under no obligation other than to provide one of the reader report options as stated on this website. You shall retain all rights to submit the Work or similar material to persons other than

7. You understand and agree that the Work is your property and as such you are responsible for its protection. You acknowledge that should you wish to copyright or register the Work you hereby release from any claims that arise from your failure to do so. You further understand that any costs attributed to the protection of the Work shall be borne by you and are your sole responsibility.

8. reserves the right to return the Work with a full refund should the Work represent a possible conflict of interest or appear to be too similar to a current project of’s. You understand that is exposed to many stories and ideas through this service and via other means. You also understand that many stories and ideas may closely resemble other works. You agree that you shall not be compensated for nor be entitled to any consideration due to the use of any such similar materials, which may have been independently created by another subscriber, or may have come to from an independent source.

9. You understand and agree that’s liability is limited to the amount of money you paid to for the Work to be read and analysed, and that no obligation of any kind shall be assumed or may be implied against either as a result of this agreement, or your submission of the Work.

10. You understand and agree that in the event that you confirm cancellation of your submission within seventy-two hours of a booked report slot, that seventy-five percent of the total fee quoted shall be refunded and that cancellation within twenty-four hours will receive a refund of fifty percent of the total fee quoted. All cancellations beyond seventy-two hours shall receive a full refund.