Script Reader UK
Script Reader
The information here is priceless … I want to thank you, it feels like you wrote a book just for me.
Arloa Means
The Promises

Wow. Another blistering report … it has highlighted several key issues some of which were niggling at the back of my mind, others that had entirely escaped me.
Barnaby Southcombe
Embargo Films

Thank you so much for a really helpful crit, and being so generous with your time. I learnt a lot in speaking to you, not just about my script, but about writing …
Paul Molloy
Damaged in Transit

I wish I’d met you two or three years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of blind re-writing … I think you’re extremely good at what you do. I’ve learnt a huge amount from your notes and our conversations
Kevin Di Biasio
Blood Ties

As an independent producer I have found Scriptreader's services invaluable. They turn the work round fast and the script notes are always bang on. I wouldn't make a movie without running it through the Scriptreader mill first…
Tim Hart

Why spend £100 on a new pair of trainers when you can have a cracking, insightful, and incredibly helpful readers report…?
Ian Fenton
Happy Ever After

Great ideas here … looking forward to the next revision … Your coverage is the best I’ve ever come across..
Erin Joslyn
Eloise in Paris

A smart reader with insight, who doesn’t miss much. And always articulate in making your points … people like you are few and far between in this business … it’s very rare to find someone who knows how to read as well as you do. Your suggestions were invaluable on the rework and much appreciated.
Tom McCown

I was amazed at the depth of the analysis … I have ample guidance now to push on with the 2nd draft.
Derrick Ogrodny
Creative Director
MTV Networks Poland
The Veil

Fabulous … I will absorb and process this and do a second draft. Really useful and encouraging.
Julia Pascal
The Road to Paradise

I found your report extremely encouraging and extremely useful. You’ve picked out pretty well everything I was trying to achieve, whilst pointing out some major issues that I felt needed addressing and wasn't quite sure how to deal with. Now I feel enthused to progress to the next stage.
Ian Fuller
Shakespeare’s Fools

… the coverage is fantastically helpful – I absolutely agree with the comments … so obvious that I never saw it the whole time I was writing it … the practical bits where I lost the plot are gold-dust.
John McCready
Double Dealing

Using proved to be a valuable step in assessing the feasibility of scripts for funding, several of which went on to production.
Phil Jones
Director of Programming
and Production
Wizja TV helped me turn my sprawling tale into a tight, well-structured narrative, giving it the proper flow and making the characters more lifelike. The report saved me from wasting writing time and a lot of dead-end subplots by bringing out the real essence of my story.
Derrick Ogrodny
Creative Director
MTV Networks Poland

Using was like finding the light-switch in the dark.
T French

A confident, well-written and organised report that benefits from good analytical work … you have clearly put in a lot of time and effort … intelligent and helpful.
The Script Factory

This honest and thoroughly constructive analysis helped me get straight to the marrow of my story … the final script was much better for it.
G Moon